A Day on the Dietitian's Dish

I get asked by many of my clients "what do you eat everyday?" I am completely honest with them. I tell them what hits my "dish" and the reactions I get are priceless. My co-workers laugh at my lunches (I do too, they are sometimes a little on the sketchy side) and think that I judge them on their lunch. But I do not judge, anyone, on what they eat. Each of us has the ability to control what we put in our mouths, that is not something I was put on this earth to judge.

I am a person who does well with eating similar foods throughout the week. The more boring, the better. This is not for everyone but works well for me. I do indulge at least 1 meal a week and that is perfect for me and finding balance. One area I lack in is vegetables. I am working on that, hard! Remember, everyone has a different food journey and one size does not fit all.

So I thought I would share what a typical day of food looks like for this creature of habit.

Breakfast:  Green Smoothies. This is almond milk, spinach, acai juice, liquid Omega 3 fish oil, whey protein, chia seeds and ice.

Snacks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon):  Raw almonds or grass-fed turkey sticks, green tea, low-fat string cheese

Lunch (this changes on occasion): Low-fat cottage cheese, hint of salt Triscuits and a wedge of light Laughing Cow cheese, low-sodium spicy V8 juice and a protein shake

Dinner:  4-5 ounces of a lean protein (beef, chicken, turkey, pork or fish), 2 cups of a non-starchy veggies, and a 1/2 cup high fiber/protein grain like quinoa, bulgur or wheatberries. Dessert is a piece or cup of fruit.

I do not drink soda, carbonated waters are my got-to if I am feeling I need some fizz. Otherwise it is plain old water, water, water.

For my 1 fun meal, anything goes!  I dine out and eat/drink whatever I want.

There it is, my dish has been exposed!  Now remember, don't judge!  :)