Healthful During the Holidays?

I know, I know....why in the world would anyone want to think about health during the holidays?  You are not going to pass up on one of your moms traditional sugar cookies or pass on the prime rib/crab leg dinner your family is having.

But I do want you to just think about this:  the average holiday meal (yes 1 meal, not including appetizers, snacks, desserts or drinks) can equal the total calories a person is to consume in 2 days.  One meal!

So why not try the approached in the picture below, maybe with actual food and not candy (I found this set-up on my desk Friday morning, thanks Jason!). Do not give up anything, just give up the huge portions of everything.You can still enjoy all your favorites and keep yourself from drowning in calories.   Without really knowing it, you will be thinking about health during the holidays AND you will still be able to button your pants.