I almost missed another week of blogging due to a crazy schedule and sometimes I simply do not make the time for important things in my day. Which brought me to the image below. 

Yes, we all have busy schedules and unexpected things pop up at any given moment. But how true is the image below?  Are we just making excuses?

I think of exercise sometimes the same way as many people do: just something I cannot seem to find time for. When thinking of it as only 4% of my day, how in the world can I not fit it in?

Another thing that comes to mind is how we might never forget a medication our physician has put us on. We should think of physical activity the same way, our daily medication.

Not only does this "medication" come with a minimal cost, but pays you with a healthier body, less medical costs and a healthier mind.

Did you skip your physical activity perscription today? 4%, NO excuses!