Going Gluten-Free....

I have had many individuals approach me about starting a gluten-free diet for weight loss. And my first question for them is "do you have a gluten-sensitivity or celiac disease?"  And many of the times, I get a puzzled look from that person, because they have no idea what that is.  Those individuals HAVE to follow a gluten-free lifestyle because it affects the health of their small-intestine. Not because they want to lose weight.

Right now, the world is at war with wheat. Many celebrities are promoting their gluten-free lifestyle, authors are writing about all of the negatives about wheat and many people are jumping on the band wagon.

It is a personal choice to adapt a gluten-free mantra, but if you do not suffer from celiac disease, I want you to reconsider. When you take something out of your diet, other things must replace it, which can then create other health deficiencies. You get energy boosting B vitamins and heart-healthy fiber from wheat.

My advice, stick to clean foods made with whole wheat. Start away from processed crackers, cookies and dinners. Also, watch your portion sizes, too much of any good thing can cause weight gain, even fruit!