May Day May Day

I absolutely love May Day!  I remember when I was in my early teens, I babysat for a lot of kids in my town. It was so fun having the doorbell ring and surprise!  a yummy treat from those sweet kiddos was at my doorstep.

I found myself asking the origin of May Day and through research, there are many different explanations. But I will share my shortened definition of May Day:  The beginning of summer and the month honoring our mothers with a celebration, dancing and flowers being left on doorsteps.

We have kind of adapted it to fit our American ways and have added food and other goodies to our baskets.

For next year, maybe consider doing non-food baskets. Go back to tradition by leaving flowers or maybe other non-food items, like stickers and crayons. Or do a healthy basket of fruit kabobs and a yogurt based fruit dip?

I have to give props to Allie and Drew (our little bearers of our May Day basket and adorable 2 and 5 year old neighbors) on choosing healthier items for our delicious treat at our doorstep. Who doesn't love popcorn, goldfish and a little chocolate?