Summer or Spring?

I am not quite sure what time of year it is, spring, summer, back to spring again. One thing I know is, I love all the blooms. The trees (especially at Water Works Park), lilacs and flowers (tulips in March?).  The temperature today will be a cool 70, compared to yesterdays 87. So today is spring.

Spring inspires cleaning and freshening things up. We spring clean our homes, garages, and office.  Have you gave the old pantry and refrigerator the same treatment? Not the "take everything out and wipe down the shelves" clean, but a rethink my health cleaning?

Dig deep this spring and really rejuvenate the kitchen. Think less processed foods and more whole foods. Check out ingredient lists and if you don't know what an ingredient is, toss it. (or if your great grandmother would not recognize it, bye bye).

By giving your food a little cleaning, you and your body will be ready for summer, no matter when it arrives.