Try and Try Again

As I get older, I am a little more adventurous. I make a point to try new foods, try old foods I thought I did not like, new movies, music, clothes, books, vacations; anything to get me out of my comfort zone. I can easily be that person to order the same thing on the menu or buy the same boring black shirt that I already have 3 of. I found myself feeling like things were missing.

Are you finding yourself in what I call the "coasting couch"?  Where you find yourself always sitting in the same familiar place, just coasting through life?  I want to challenge you to step outside of comfy at least 1 time a week. Try something new, go somewhere different, try tea instead of coffee, don't live life feeling something is missing.

The reason for this post was triggered by me getting off the coasting couch. I am not a lover of country music, but while on a work trip, the group I was with all wanted to go see Rascall Flatts. So I got off the couch and enjoyed an amazing night. The music was great, the company was amazing and I can't wait to go home and add a country station to my programmed radio channels in my car.