Another MyPlate Special

How delicious does this meal look?  I could jump in right now and yum it down. The colors look amazing and inviting. There is also a pretty nifty plate underneath. Another version of the MyPlate that is useful for all ages.

We had this great visual at our Whole Health Experience and it resonated with all ages. The kids wanted to touch the delicious food (which is fake by the way) and the serving sizes shocked people. But I think this looks like reasonable portion sizes and a healthy meal.

So what have your meals looked like today?  Anything like this plate?  Always keep that visual in your head. Do you have a protein, a couple veggies and a starch?  Not only is it about portion, but also balance. And if you find yourself not able of getting it all?  Start with your protein and veggies first, it will keep you going until your next MyPlate.