Let's Get Physical!

Since I have been on this new adventure working with elementary children at Lakewood Elementary in Norwalk, IA, I have developed an expanded new appreciation for teachers (which only was in the high school arena, but now I appreciate elementary teachers even more) and even further Physical Education teachers (Justin we heart you!) What a job! These kids move and talk at the speed of light and it is one class after another, minimal breaks!

I also appreciate the technology in P.E. these days. My P.E. days back in the 80's and 90's did not have heart rate monitors, Wii Fit, rock climbing walls or yoga. We had a basketball, four square, tether ball, a jump rope and our own 2 feet to get moving with. Or you could always do the infamous pull ups on the monkey bars.

What is boils down to is there is no excuse for kids to not be moving and getting physical activity at a minimum of 60 minutes daiky due to all the amazing technology and variety that is out there. And as a last resort, they always could use their own 2 feet.

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