Colors of the Rainbow

March is a particularly exciting month for dietitians because it is National Nutrition Month. This years theme is "Eat Right with Color." Also, March 9th is National Registered Dietitian Day (make sure to hug your favorite dietitian that day).

So each week this month, I am going to give you an idea and information on something with lots of color to add to your shopping list. Of course, it will be something delicious from the most colorful department in the grocery store, the produce aisle.

This weeks color is orange. Yes, we all know what and orange taste like, so why not try something a little more exciting, like a papaya? Papaya is a sweet, orange fleshed fruit, that is native to tropical climates. The top country producing it is Brazil. When I lived in Hawaii, we had a papaya tree in our back yard.

The rich vitamin packed Papaya has papain in it, a protein dissolving enzyme that helps with indigestion/upset tummies and has often been considered an anti-inflammatory. The enzyme can also breakdown wheat gluten.

Try this soft and sweet healthy fruit today!