Putting the "soy" Back in Your Life!

There are many different ways to add the health benefits of soy in your healthy lifestyle. But one of my favorites is edamame. Most people have seen this on a menu as an appetizer but have no idea what it is. Edamame is a snazzy word for soybeans. They are a beautiful green color when harvested. Edamame is a complete protein in plant form. What that means is, it is a similar protein source to animal proteins. It can be used in place of animal protein in many dishes. This is a main staple of vegetarians to supply their protein source.

Edamame is found in many different convenient ways, fresh, frozen, shelled, lightly salted. My favorite is Cascadian Farms frozen edamame in the shell and shelled. In the shell is a quick and easy appetizer at home or on the go. I used the shelled to add to stir fry or a jarred salsa to punch up the protein. Feel free to stop I next Friday, March 11th from 4-6 pm and try different preparations of edamame. You will be