The Joy of Cooking

When I was younger, on weekends, I would spend a lot of time at my grandmother Jose (Josephine) home. She would let my sister and I do anything we wanted to. We would get to watch Dallas and the Golden Girls with her (which were shows we were not allowed to watch at home), we would drink 7-up out of wine glasses and get to spend the weekend in the kitchen with her. One television show she would watch was Julia Child's cooking show. We would kind of make fun of grandma because we thought Julia was kind of crazy and had a really different voice. I think she kind of inspired grandma to whip up something fantastic in the kitchen, which led to us helping make homemade sugar buns, banana meringe pie or the most amazing cream puffs, all from scratch.

So this weekend, the movie Julia and Julia was on, so I decided to watch it, in thinking of the many weekends watching her with grandma. I loved the Julia Child portion of the movie (not so big on the gal and her blog). What an amazing woman and amazing story, I wish the whole thing was about her. I could see how inspiring she was to many people and how her cook books are still a legend. Not only do I want her cookbook, but I spent most of the day today, inspired by my own Julia Child, my grandma, to heat up my kitchen with the love of her delicious cream puffs.