Introduction to Veggies

My dear friend has been introducing baby food to her 6 month old son over the past few weeks. The most important foods are introduced first, vegetables. Unfortunately, this are the foods that are most unliked by most children. But it makes sense to start with this first, instead of fruit. If you have fruit first, most likely, they will never like the vegetables. So, she started with the "orange" veggies: sweet potatoes, squash and carrots. All went well for those 2 weeks. She is now trying the greens, not going so well.

Does this sound familiar, even with your school-age children or adult spouse? Now is never to late to introduce a new vegetable into your diet. Something you did not like 5 years ago, may now have changed for you. Your taste is changing every year that you age, so why not try a new "orange" or "green" that you may have not tried in a long time. Approach a food you have tried before and did not like as if you have not have ever had it before. It maybe the "new" food to enhance your life!