The last days of summer.....

I was out of the office last week for "vacation" which ended up being, "what can I get done in my home" stay-cation. But it was wonderful to be able to have that time to really get things done. Things I have put off for many months and to give me the opportunity to really enjoy the last days of summer.

Summer in the Midwest is truly wonderful. Yes, it is hot and humid but very short lived that we need to remind ourselves how warm it was as January settles in. What things do you plan to sneak in before the summer ends?

Here are a few on my to-do list:

-Have a picnic with all raw and fresh foods that are in season
-Catch a baseball game
-Throw a 30th birthday party for a dear friend
-View the stars in the middle of nowhere, with dear girlfriends that I grew up with

No matter what you do, make your last days of summer healthy and happy!