"Corny" Summer Reading

Reading is a pastime I dearly love, but somehow have little time for. There is always something to do, to clean to fix, or to catch up on. I got my first public library card (sad I know) and it is so wonderful having all these amazing books at my fingertips. I do read a wide range of books and just finished a guilty pleasure of reading the Twilight Saga (it was very entertaining). I am now reading the Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It is a very interesting book about how our meals today have evolved in many ways due to the industrial age. I am only 100 pages into it, but I am learning a lot about how soybean and corn's influence is in many, if not all, of our foods.

As I drove to my parents home, I noticed more clearly, how almost all the land I drove by was either filled with corn or soybeans. This book also introduces me to how corn and soybeans are also in many of our non-food items in our home, from plastic to adhesives.

During school, I learned all the names for corn products, sweeteners and other additives in foods. I opened my pantry up and read the labels of the food I had. All but 2-3 products have some form of corn or corn sweetener in it. Very shocking, even things I did not realize would have them. All the reason to start thinking about consuming whole foods, minimally processed with the least amount of additives to it. I think I rather have my corn....on the cob, not in my canned organic tomatoes.