Disease; one different from another?

Disease and death has affected every person one way or another. We all have a connection to a family member or friend that has been stricken by some type of illness in their lives. But is one more important that another? Does one need more research, fundraising, education or treatment options? When you think of the most devastating disease what comes to mind first?

According to the CDC the top leading causes of death in the United States are Heart Disease, Cancer (all types) and Stroke, with Alzheimer's and Diabetes running as number 6 and 7.

When thinking about your connections, please think about how you can contribute. How can you make a family member more comfortable? What little things can you do to make their life easier while going through treatment? What can you do at a local level to increase research and funding to help local individuals with treatment options?

The diabetic is slowly feeling the affects of their disease very similar to the cancer patient going through chemo. Both diseases are serious, both diseases need the same care and support from outside sources. Be advocates to all individuals dealing with illness, no matter what type, no matter what age or sex, it is about life, no matter what.