Healthy Week

This week, while watching some of my favorite T.V. show on the treadmill, I noticed some different stations are having "healthy week." I think this is a great thing. Most people spend more than 2-3 hours or more watching television each day, so the captive audience is there. During this week, I think it will place messages into those individuals watching and start them thinking about health.

How many times a day do you think about health?

I tracked myself one day, and I know it will be a little biases since I am a dietitian, but I counted more than 20 times in one day. I think if average people thought about health even 10 times a day, we might be a little bit of a healthier country. I personally think the average person thinks about health less than 2 times a day. I think there are too many other things going through peoples mind than their own health. What they don't realize, without health, all those other things consuming their time is nothing without their own personal health.

I think just by these little messages during "healthy week", themed shows surrounding health, tidbits of health information during commercials, will get our country thinking just a little bit more. Maybe it will not encourage a complete turnaround in someone, but it will get them thinking before eating a Twinkie during commercials.