Certain Foods Making Us Fat?

While getting ready this morning, I was listening to the Today Show on a topic that I feel is very true. Are engineered foods making us fat?


This is a great clip to watch, because I believe there is some truth to this. Companies and restaurants possibly can put flavor and taste enhancers into food to keep you coming back for more. Why do you crave McDonalds french fries? Could it be the fat and the salt they use that makes us want more?

Think of food that you crave, what is it about them that you want to eat them? It might not just be that it is your favorite food but it might be the ingredients in the product. This is another reason to know your triggers when it comes to food. If you find that you eat a certain food and cannot control yourself, it might be more than mind over matter. It might be something you never knew was actually in your food.