Being "Just a little bit" Pregnant....

Did the title catch your eye?

It's no surprise the rise of people being diagnosed with diabetes keeps going up, by have you hear of PRE-DIABETES?

PRE-DIABETES is like being a "little bit diabetic". You have diabetes, it's just not full blown yet.

Who is at risk?
-If you have a waist circumfrance >35 inches for women or >40 inches for men
-If you have a fasting blood sugar level of >100
-If you are sedentary
-If you overweight/obese

If you have one of these conditions, it's time to be checked for diabetes. Just a simple finger prick can check to see if you are at risk.

Pre-Diabetes, IS THE TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE. Diet. Exercise. It can reverse your diabetic diagnosis.

Hy-Vee can help! Call your local Hy-Vee pharmacist or dietitian and schedule your diabetic screening today. No matter the diagnosis, we are here to help you make the lifestyle changes you need!

Don't be a "little bit diabetic."