New Life....

This week is really an exciting week. It is gorgeous outside, the trees are blooming, so are the flowers. Everything is amazingly green. Even more exciting, my dear friend is having her first baby this week. It really speaks to us about how new life is always popping up. This week, we also celebrate earth day. Sometimes I think people think of earth day as a dippy hippy, granola, tree hugger day. But I see it as something more.

I think it is a great day to celebrate new life, all that is beautiful on this earth. To really take a step back and look out our windows and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. The "dippy hippy" stuff is what is going to preserve this beauty in the long run. I am not asking for you to think "extreme" but a few changes here and there can really make a difference.

This is what I do: All of our light bulbs are energy conserving, we have all energy star appliances, we recycle everything we can (even toilet paper rolls), we turn our lights off if we are not in a room, we use steam to clean instead of harsh chemical, we use reusable shopping bags and water bottles, we Brita, we buy sustainable local foods and we don't let the water run while we brush our teeth.

It's not a lot, but it is something. Can you pick something from the list that would be an easy change for you today?