Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day, will you wear red tomorrow? National Wear Red Day is in honor of all women everywhere in preventing heart disease, the #1 killer of women. My boss has graciously let our employees wear red and rewarding them with a heart healthy lunch tomorrow.

What can everyone do to prevent heart disease?

The American Heart Association has established the ABC's for heart health:
  • A - Avoid Tobacco
  • B - Become more active
  • C - Choose good nutrition


Have a lipid profile done once a year, by your physician OR there are places that can check your lipid profile with just a finger poke with results in 10 minutes. The cost is usually less than $50. I provide it for my clients for $30 in the month of February. Locate another dietitian or pharmacy at www.hy-vee.com for availability.

  • Total Cholesterol <200
  • LDL ("L" for loser or bad cholesterol) <130
  • HDL ("H" healthy cholesterol) >60
  • Triglycerides (fat in your blood) <150
  • Blood Pressure <120/80

Have a healthy heart - wear red and remember your ABC's.