January is always a big business month for dietitians. We get every health question in the book because of the new year resolutions everyone vows to keep, but only last for 2-3 weeks. So this last week is January is usually the last week of new year resolutions. I wish the whole concept would just completely disappear and we adapt "all year" resolutions.

New year resolutions are usually set too high for most people, leading to disappointment and failure. "I'm going to go to the gym everyday, I am going to eat healthy foods. I am going to stop eating at fast food places. Oh and I am going to quit smoking too!" All of this = disaster and stopping them altogether.

Did you have resolutions this year?

How are you doing with them?

If there was one you had to pick, from all of the ones you set, which one would it be?

I had a patient come to me last week with a list of resolutions and she was completely frazzled and overwhelmed by not being able to stick to them. I asked her the same questions listed above. She picked one that truly means the most to her in her life right now. She reports to me everyday how it is going for her and she is finding it is making her "new year" a lot happier and healthier.

Pick one. One step to health truly does help as long as you can make it an "all year" resolution.