As I was driving to work today, I saw 3 soda company trucks on my route. Each were going to different destinations. One pulled into a Menards store, one pulled into a gas station and one pulled into Target.

Is there any place we cannot get a soda?

Soda is truly destroying the health of our country.

When I worked at a hospital as a clinical dietitian, our primary patients were from lower income families. I had one family with a 3 month old getting Pepsi in her bottle instead of breast milk or formula. The mother's reasoning? Pepsi is cheaper than formula. WOW!!!!! She was absolutely correct. A gallon of soda is way more inexpensive than a gallon of milk. Just think of how this thought process is affecting children all over our country, what are we doing about it?

We wonder why our kids are obese, inactive, at risk for high cholesterol, diabetes, autism, etc... Maybe truly looking at how soda has replaced healthy beverages is a good place to start.

How many soda's (diet and regular) has your family consumed today?