Waltzing down the aisles........

As you wander around the grocery store, isn't it amazing how many "snack" food we have in this world? I am also amazed by the marketing of these products as healthy choices.

One of my biggest concerns, and it always has been, is the marketing of Special K products. The company markets most of the products as great foods to help you lose weight. "Lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks" by eating the shakes, bars and cereals. Great concept right? Wrong.

Special K is full of one main ingredient SUGAR. Sure, the products can be low in calorie but what will a bunch of carbs do for you? Make you fat. Special K is like 100 calorie packs, great in theory if you eat just one and no one usually eats just one. There is nothing satisfying about carbohydrates unless it is paired with fiber or protein.

Most of Special K products have neither protein or fiber. So I say, skip the Special K gimic.

The only Special K product that is dietitian Anne approved, Special K Protein Cereal: great carbohydrate, protein and fiber balance. Also, the best Special K food to help you acheive healthy weight goals.