These are a few of my favorite (holiday) things......

My family, faith, white Christmas lights, moms snack mix, O Holy Night, persimmons, pomegranate champagne spritzers, the smell of Old Spice, gloves, scarves, hats, blankets, receiving pictures of family and friends, moms cinnamon caramel pecan rolls, techno holiday music, mischievous kitties in the Christmas tree, laughter, being tucked in, kisses on my forehead, cinnamon tea, and homemade EVERYTHING!

I hope this holiday season, you compile a list of all of your favorite things and things you are thankful for. This is only a small fraction of the wonderful things I look forward to each year, but the most important are the first two.

We would not be here on this earth without them and these two things will help get us on track to have a successful and healthy 2010. I find all of you that read my blog part of my family and I am thankful for you as well.

Enjoy this special time, eat some wonderful food, get a workout or two in, and remember to drink your water! (A dietitian is always a dietitian, even during the holidays)

Happy Holidays!