A new year, a new decade and a new lease on life.....

This is where it can all begin. A fresh start. With the first of January quickly approaching us, I think of it as a new golf hole. No matter how many strokes you took on the last hole, you get to start all over on the next hole. You get another chance of making it the best hole of your round.

I hope this new year that is approaching all of you is your best hole ever in the round of golf known as life. Maybe this year, you will have a drive over 250 yards, straight down the fairway, a nice chip onto the green and a perfect putt. I plan on making this year my birdie hole, full of determination, dedication and commitment to what it brings. And if it is even better than I planned, I will accept an eagle year. I do think I deserve it! Bogey's be gone, bring on 2010!