This weekend was full of friends, snow and a wedding. Whenever I have a weekend with friends, another word also comes to mind: food. Meeting for brunch, lunch maybe even dinner could possibly sabotage a weekend of wanting to eat healthy. But I truly believe you can eat healthier anywhere you go. You must just choose to do so.

I met the girls for brunch at Mimi's cafe and had a fantastic omelet made with egg whites, ham and broccoli, paired with a side of fresh fruit. Did you know all of Mimi's egg dishes can be substituted with egg whites or egg substitute? Easy way to save yourself 100+ calories right there.

Just do not be scared to ask for food the way you like it. The majority of the time they are more than happy to do so. Also, eat half of what they bring you. You will still feel satisfied after your meal. And so will your waistline.