Last Friday, I had the privilege to make a healthy lunch with my friend Jen and the Norwalk Fire Department in Norwalk, IA. It was a fun experience and I also got to witness the struggles Jen has as the only "firewoman" on the crew. She works with some great men but they are a little "challenged" in the eating healthy department. Jen does a great job experimenting with new foods and recipes with the staff, sometimes it does not always work out in her favor, but at least she tries. Yes, it is true some adults can be just a picky as kids. The food group that seems to find our pickiest eaters: Fruits and Veggies. So for the month of September, it is a great time to create a "increase your fruit and vegetable" calendar. There is a great calendar on www.sparkpeople.com that gives you a goal for each day of the month. I think I will send a copy to the crew at the Norwalk Fire Department, just for a little encouragement.