Time again for my weekly blog---hope every one's week is going well. For those of you in Des Moines, I am excited to share this great opportunity you have to work with a personal trainer. I have been working with Angie Gallagher, who is a certified personal trainer and the owner of Fitness with Angie's "Fit 4 Life" in Urbandale. This is a really great program! She has her own studio and does all the training in small groups or individually for an 8 week program. This the perfect way to learn how to be fit, what to do and how to continue using it after the 8 week program. If you are looking to start a fitness program, do not want to belong to a gym just quite yet and would love the expertise of a personal trainer, Fitness with Angie is for you. She will also let you come to a class and experience the training for free. If you are interested you can find her at www.fitnesswithangie.com or call her for a free consultation at 515-710-6987.