"Accept the Compliment" Weekly Wisdom

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How do you respond when someone pays you a compliment?

Compliments are precious commodities. I do not feel we hand them out enough and I do not feel we accept them graciously. Guilty as charged in both areas. 

Compliments are gifts you can freely give to someone. I guarantee you should have given out at least 2 already today as you are reading then. I also guarantee you have probably gotten one today but maybe did not pay any attention of sloughed it off like it was nothing. It was something. Something someone felt compelled to share with you, about you or something you did. If you failed to recognize it in the moment, then you failed the person who was giving it to you. They will be less likely to give more of them to you in the future and that is sad. 


When we are looking for the joy in each day (because remember there is always at least one) are you paying attention to the possibilities of the joy compliments bring?  In the past, I did not accept compliments. I would hide behind them and not give them any attention or power. I did not feel worthy of them because I did not have the confidence in myself to take them in and allow myself to feel the joy from them. It took me a little time and grace to welcome compliments. I started with giving them out more - to everyone - family, friends, pets, neighbors, and even strangers. I watched how they responded, how they took in the compliment and realized many of us struggle but many of us don't. The one's that didn't struggle with compliments, that's who I learned from and wanted to be. 

Compliments are the worlds best give and take. 

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