"Be Better Than Gift Cards" Weekly Wisdom

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 Before you buy a bunch of stuff this year for family and friends here is some #foodforthought...

This holiday season, I am sharing some ideas to help you think out of the box on buying things for others. No one really needs more "things" to add to their lives but I bet many people in your life would appreciate and utilize more thoughtful ideas to be gifted. 

Which brings me to my last idea...

Gift giving should be thoughtful. We should actually spend some time purchasing a gift for someone because we care enough about them to buy them a gift. I have looked at other peoples gift lists and it amazes me the amount of people being shopped for - all crammed into this tiny amount of time. Why don't we be more thoughtful during the whole year?  I would love to receive something thoughtful purchased for me on April 3rd, when I am least expecting it. When we put the pressure of gift giving on during the holidays, we get less thoughtful with our purchases and the crutch of gift cards help us cross off our list. 

We are better than that. 

Take the time to be purposeful with your gifts, really look at what someone needs or gift them something they would never purchase for themselves. And if you don't find it before December 25th, wait and there is always a random day in April it will mean just as much. 



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