If you had to choose a superpower, what would it be? 

Isn't is fun to dream?  To think if we could choose a superpower, how awesome would that be?  Every time I am asked this question, it is an easy answer: time travel. Then I could back in time whenever I wanted to be part of the history I have learned about in school, see my favorite humans who have passed and maybe learn a little more about myself from past behaviors. But alas, superpowers are only something we can dream about unless we rethink the question. 

Which is why I vote. 

I feel it is one superpower I have been given to make an impact in the present and the future. There are women all over the world who still do not have the right to vote. I am not going to let them down by not voting.  Time travel is great but I cannot change what has happened the in the past. By voting, I can help facilitate change I believe in. If you do not vote, you cannot comment on leadership. If you do not think your one vote matters, it does. There is power in educating yourself and voting, in EVERY election. Not just the big one but the ones affecting your town/city, church, professional organization, county, and state. There is so much more to leadership than just the presidential race, which is why you need to vote in every election you can. 

This upcoming week is a big one in the United States, but there are other positions and things on the ballot that are affecting you. Take the time to vote for those too even if you have to do an internet search a candidate. Educate yourself and tap into your superpower. 




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