"Find the Good in 2020" Weekly Wisdom


Inspirational Quote in black lettering on a light grey polka dot background stating 2020 has been a shit show but there is some good...you just need to find it.

What is one good thing that has happened for you in 2020?

I know, I know, 2020 has been pretty bonkers. But I am getting pretty exhausted with hearing all the negativity and "wish this year was over" talk. If you are able to talk, walk and breathe - I am going to put this our there and say, there is something good happening for you in 2020. 

I also am not diminishing everything that is happening or what everyone is going through. I know there is a level of difficulty, stress and sadness being experienced all around us. I also know there is goodness happening everywhere too. 

People are talking more, connecting, finding commonalities, eating dinner together, baking, gardening and finding tiny joys in life we have been too busy to pay attention to but have always wanted to. People are pulling back their "on demand" desires of I want it now and I am going to get it or do it. People giving of themselves, of their time, resources and financially. People are waking up to injustices in our society and not subscribing to the "if it's not broke, don't fix it" mentality. If 2020 wouldn't have happened and currently is happening, none of this would have occurred. 

I ask of you, stop contributing to the 2020 bashing with memes, complaints, eye rolls and wishes of the year to be over. I ask you to find the good in each day and celebrate it. Share the good, start the positive talk and stop the negative talk. Positivity looks good on you. 

There is good happening all around us everyday, even in 2020. 



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