"Life is Short" Weekly Wisdom

"Life is Short" in black print letters on a grey polka dot background

When was the last time your body reminded you of your age?

It was 3 weeks ago for me. I had done a few silly things, like slip down a few stairs, not stretch well before my first round of golf, increase my weights during strength training and baked a cake for 3 hours. And the perfect storm happened...to my back. First it was a strange twinge in my lower back, which turned into my whole middle back seizing up and then ending with a large sneeze one morning before work, resulting in a fractured rib. 

W. T. H. 

I am a young lass, so I thought - until my body reminded me I am not. Three doctor visits, muscle relaxers, epsom salt baths, daily stretching, a round of steroids and currently now on week two of physical therapy and I am gradually starting to feel like myself again but with a completely different mindset. 

I have got to slow down my body. It cannot go full force without pause and intention. I must stretch for at least 10-15 minutes before I head out for a round of golf. I must not exercise like I did in my twenties and most of all, I probably should ask for help when I am broken instead of thinking I can do it all myself. 

Life is short and I want to be in the best shape I can be to live it without having to take a 3 week sabbactical from normal activity. I've done a great job of slowing down when it comes to packing my schedule full of activities but I have not done a great job at slowing down my physical body. This was the wake-up call I needed and for you, a friendly reminder to be kind to your body. Life is short and your body has to make it through to the end. It doesn't need to go through a daily beating with any activity you are not fully enjoying for any amount of time you like. 

Just remember to stretch. 



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