"Quarantine Capers" Weekly Wisdom

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What have you been baking during quarantine?

We are all a little new to this whole quarantine life. It is different for everyone, so none of us can speak to what each other is feeling or going through at this time. I will not assume anything about anyone anymore. This is a tiny mantra of living I have chosen. In my 44 years of life, I know I have gone through tough things and I know I can get through anything, it just takes time and patience. 

But I have seen some consistencies on what is happening because of this shift in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Since we are all superheroes for doing our part in this pandemic, it only makes sense to call them the"Quarantine Capers." What have I spied with my little eye?

 BAKING is #1. I have never seen so many people busting out beautiful loaves of bread, cookies, challahs, rolls and endless sweet treats that make me drip drool on my phone while I am scrolling and simultaneously pinning as many recipes as possible. Don't be surprised if I show up at your doorstep with a knife, fork, stick of butter and a bib on ready to chow down on your delectable creations. 

The other thing I have noticed is people eating together. Humans who live together are actually sitting down, sharing a meal and conversation - almost everyday!  Why did this ever stop happening?  Planning, preparing and eating a meal together strengthens connections between people and also build self esteem within all ages of people, especially kids. 

I have also noticed communication is happening. I can't speak to the positive and/or negative aspects of this communicating but people are finally talking. Because we are so busy, conversing is sometimes the last thing anyone wants to do at the end of a long day. There are always important things we need to talk about with people we love. Sometimes it is not easy and a lot of time, we bury it deep inside of us to prevent conflict. Significant others, parents, kids, relatives, whoever it is - I know you've been holding something back. Right now, we have time as we are more present with our loved-ones. If you been holding on to things you have wanted to talk about, now is the time. Communication is the key to building strong and lasting relationships.

What "quarantine capers" have you noticed? Share with me!

Also, I have only baked one batch of muffin and like 10 sheet pans of nachos. I see you and your recipes, I'll get to them...someday. 



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