"Slow Down" Weekly Wisdom

Slow Down Weekly Wisdom

Are you following the recommendations to practice social distancing and stay home?

It is a crazy time. I truly don't think people really understand the significance of what is happening in our world right now. I also know it is hard for us to really take to heart what it means to slow down, pause and stay home. Some of us do not get the opportunity to stay home to work, be with our families, have food be delivered to us, have good health or be able to go without a paycheck. The reality is many of us will not be able to stay home. 

I do not see the need to publicly declare how self quarantine has us on our 8th bottle of wine, being already bored of Netflix, upset about sports and other events being cancelled, not getting to go on your beach vacation, not being able to have play dates or getting your nails done. 

What is so wrong with slowing down?  

You get to be home, catch up on sleep, be with your heartbeats or pets, practice some self care, clean your house, read, work on project you have been meaning to do for 4 years, learn something new, listen to music, cook and sit down for your meals, see the grass turn green, listen to the birds outside, go for a walk, help a neighbor, journal. You don't have to run here and there for practices, appointments, or accomplish the long list of errands we hammer ourselves with each day. The possibilities are endless and none of them involve negative thoughts or emotions. 

This time, right now is the clearest message we all need to slow down. We are doing way too many things that really do not have any meaning at the end of the day. We need to be home more. We need to eat dinner with our families each night. We need to be more present in our lives instead of constantly going on to the next thing in our jam-packed schedules. 

We need to #embracethehellyeah and slow down. 


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