Weekly Wisdom and Top 5 Nutrition Noshes

Nutrition Nosh One. Wisdom.

Inspiration Wisdom Quote

Up until about 6 months ago, I had gone through at least 30 different pairs of headphones and never invested in a pair worthy of my sweet beats and my precious ears. 

 I listen to music every day, multiple times a day. It gets me through workouts (hence why I always share my workout playlist of the week), it pumps me up on the way to work and it winds me down on the way home from work, it makes me happy, it makes me excited, it makes my body move, it makes me cry, it reminds me of special memories and it reminds me of special people. Which is why I finally invested in a GREAT pair of headphones

They are the conduit to something that brings me much joy in my daily life. Why did I wait so long?  We should never put off something that brings us joy. These beauties are beyond priceless and have turned into my favorite accessory. So instead of a pair of high heels, lipstick or a fancy dress, I bought the headphones. 

Buy the headphones. 

Nutrition Nosh Two. Weekly Conversation. 

Conversations with Anne Elizabeth

My conversation today is with Registered Dietitian Dorothy McClure.

My conversation today has brought a lot of light to long term care for me. I was once also a clinical dietitian and it was something that was never on my radar. Dorothy has opened my eyes to all the wonderful things long term care offers for registered dietitians and for the clients. Dorothy is not only a registered dietitian, but she manages a staff of clinical dietitians, works as an integral part of a team of other allied health professionals, is an adjunct professor, is a certified Serv Safe instructor, and knows the ins and outs of many different aspects of food service management. She has had quite the career (so far) and I hope this podcast shares with you a new world of job opportunities as a registered dietitian.

Connect with Dorothy:  dmcclure@abcmcorp.com

Nutrition Nosh Three. Week in Review.

22 years ago, I had this crazy adventure with some crazy people from my hometown of Panama, IA. Some people road Harley's, I chose to be safe and ride in a car with a group of my hometown girlfriends to Sandstone Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, Kansas on the quest to see one of our favorite bands, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in June of 1995.  It was a great night of youthful dancing, lots of girlie giggles and amazing music under the stars. I may have enjoyed a few adult beverages and also may have slept on a trampoline in my friend Jennifer's Uncle Dave's backyard but I know for sure I had one of the most amazing concert experiences of my youth. 

Which brings me to June 5, 2017, Wells Fargo Arena and I am beyond "young girl excited" for the opportunity to relive the sweet sounds of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers again in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Pork Loin Dinner

We started the night with a pre-concert dinner, a Tom Petty signature cocktail and live music.  I thought I was too excited to eat, but once I saw the delicious pork loin, that fleeting thought was gone. 

Tom Petty Concert Picture Des Moines

Joe Walsh opened the show with some of his famous tunes, but I really didn't pay much attention to be honest. All I could think about was all the songs I wanted to hear. There are so many I loved. Wallflowers, American Girl, Last Dance with Mary Jane.... I created an iTunes channel in May to get in Tom Petty mode. I also watched the 4 hour documentary (which I give 2 thumbs up), Running Down a Dream and was mesmerized by an entire story I didn't know. This was such a great moment and I was so lucky to be experiencing it again.   

Tom Petty Concert Picture Des Moines

I was hoping they would play my most favorite song, Yer So Bad, but I didn't think it would make the cut with the endless list of hits they could play. But it happened, right in the middle, the guitar started playing and I literally screamed like a little school girl. They played my song!!!! The whole night was great, I felt the music in my chest, I recalled the special memories of my youth and I saw the second best concert of my life.

Dewlicious Melon Salsa

Summer produce is dreamy, don't you think?  I am trying to incorporate something in-season as much as possible. A few weeks ago, I shared with you my new favorite fruit, Dewlicious Melons and I am continuing my love affair with them. On my TV segment with KCCI a couple weeks ago, I diced it into salsa so this this week, I incorporated them into Taco Tuesday. 

Chicken Tacos with Dewlicious Melon

I grilled up some Smart Chicken breast seasoned with salt, pepper and a little but of cumin and chili powder. While the chicken was grilling, I sauteed 1/2 cup diced white onion with a little olive oil and 1/2 cup thinly sliced green peppers until both softened over medium heat. I then added 1 cup of diced Dewlicious Melon just to soften, about 2 minutes and then turned the pan to low heat to keep warm.

I pulled the chicken off the grill and cut it up into chunks while it was still hot and added it to my onion, pepper, and Dewlicious Melon mixture. I put 1/4 cup of my mixture into warmed Ortega White Corn and Chia Seed Taco Shells , topped with fresh lettuce, chopped avocado, diced red onion and my favorite Tres Mentes Medium Salsa

Nutrition Nosh Four. Workout Playlist of the Week. 

"Yer So Bad, the best I ever had. In a world gone bad, yer so bad." 

Tom Petty iTunes Workout Playlist of the Week

 Nutrition Nosh Five. What I Love Right Now.

Best Food Facts Article on Kombucha by Anne Elizabeth Cundiff

Kombucha is such a trend right now and I think everyone might be drinking it on the daily. There are tons of different brands out there, like my favorite one from MOCU Health (remember to use code Anne20 to get 20% off your order of their delicious 'booch) and some people are making their own, but what really is it?  I was able to share my nutrition insights, with a little help from my intern Mark with Best Food Facts. If you would like to read more of what Kombucha is and why it is good for you, head on over to the full article here.