Top 5 Nutrition Noshes and Weekly Wisdom from Minneapolis

Nutrition Nosh One. Wisdom. 


The element of surprise has been a little lost in my life. I think when I was younger it was simultaneously used with the word discovery because I was learning and experiencing new things all the time. As I get older, I do not have the opportunity to experience surprises as often and I miss it. I always give people a weird look when they say they hate surprises. Who hates surprises, really?  I think it is so important to be open to what could happen, not what we expect to happen. You see, when we have expectations, the only person we disappoint is ourselves. No one else. I have learned to be open. Open to being surprised, trying something new, letting someone surprise me and then in return being grateful for the experience. It is a healthy swap; not only in our personal and professional lives but even with our food and nutrition.  Get out there and take a walk on the wild side. Try a new veggie, go on a vacation to no where you have ever been, jump out of an airplane. Expect nothing out of any adventure because the littlest surprises can bring something life changing.  

Nutrition Nosh Two. Weekly Conversation. 

Podcast photo of nutrition expert Anne Elizabeth and Jessie Hatch

My conversation today is with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Jessie Hatch

Jessie has such a beautiful and poetic dietetic journey so far. She found an interest in nutrition at a young age with her family having a garden and always eating her fruits and vegetables. When she went to college, she took nutrition and fell in love with the class, navigating her way to her dietetics degree with the help of a few very important professors. She sheds some light on getting a masters degree, always being open to opportunities and embracing the importance of being a life-long learner. She is currently working passionately with moms and babies, including neonatals, being in the media providing education and serving as president of the Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Nutrition Nosh Three. Week in Review.

Radisson Red Hotel Minneapolis

After my conference, I decided to stay in Minneapolis for some extra fun for a few days. I had some plans with family, which unfortunately fell through but I had a completely different adventure. I stayed at the snazzy and modern Radisson Red Minneapolis which is right by the new U.S. Bank Stadium. I loved the simplicity of the room, the bed was very comfy and there was a table in the room for all my work and personal things. Nice little gym and hip bar/food in the main lobby. A lot of downtown Minneapolis is also accessible by walking from this hotel, which is how I love to experience a city. A  really fun thing about this hotel, when you walk through the front entrance, there is a large wall with a screen/camera you can take your own selfie on. Proof below! 

Red Radisson Minneapolis Hotel

I was so luckily surprised by friend Jason who came down to help me create a Minneapolis experience after my change of plans. It was so fun!

Eastside Minneapolis Menu

We found ourselves grabbing a quick bite before heading out downtown at Eastside Minneapolis. This was the second time dining here because I really wanted to have more fresh oysters. I have found myself on a oyster eating adventure too and because I am surprised by how much I like them.  Eastside has a nice little appetizer of oysters in the half shell, 3 from the east coast and 3 from the west coast accompanied by cocktail, lemon, horseradish sauces and a Barrel Aged Mignonette. I am quickly finding out I am a fan of the east coast brine and saltier flavors. 

Oysters in the half shell Eastside Minneapolis

The Mom's Guide to a Nourishing Garden Book

During my Midwest Dairy conference, I received a beautiful memento from my friend Jen Haugen. I opened it up during oyster #2. Another surprise! We shared a booth at FNCE this past year showcasing being new authors with our books. Her book, The Mom's Guide to a Nourishing Garden, is what inspired me to complete my own book and is a beautiful read connecting family and food. Our friendship of support and fun has been a incredible surprise in my life. She inspires me every day and I am so very thankful!

Downtown Minneapolis by the river

After some oyster fuel, Jason and I took off for our walking, eating and cocktail adventure. Just down from the Eastside is the bridge going overlooking the river and I got this pretty photo in the afternoon. 

Barrio Tequila Bar Minneapolis

While taking in the scenery, we consulted some friends and got a great recommendation for happy hour at Barrio. I am not a huge tequila drinker but there was a flight available on their menu and I thought why the hell not! I did learn after this experience, I do enjoy an aged tequila A LOT!  It is very tasty and perfect for sipping. Why in the world did I ever do shots of tequila?  No bueno. I will be sipping from now on. 

The happy menu is VERY happy. A plentiful menu of delicious and creative appetizers ranging from $3 to $5. I chose the guac with house made chips and salsas. It was the perfect compliment to the tequila flight (and my water and Dos XX). 

After we bathed in happiness at Barrio, we went on another walk to the Warehouse District to a recommended speakeasy, Marvel Bar. I have been to a couple of speakeasy's and at each of them we had to ring a doorbell and know a password. That is not the case at Marvel Bar. Jason and I made it to the well-know "purple door" and rang the door bell and stood there. As we had confused looks on our faces, I thought, why don't we try the door. Completely open. I think we laughed about it for 10 minutes. And we laughed about it again today! Marvel Bar had a great vibe, comfy and cozy seats and an extensive list of craft cocktails. They have a great list of creative original cocktails and also some classics available (I enjoyed a few Manhattans). It is definitely worth the trip to experience this trendy speakeasy.

We had a fun night of new experiences, all because I let someone surprise me! Thanks Jason!

LED under cabinet lighting

While I was away, I had more surprises!  My Mom and cousins Christine and Denis, asked if they could come to my house for a little weekend getaway. Of course, B&B Anne Elizabeth is always open to my heartbeats. I thought they would come down, relax, explore Des Moines. I am not quite sure how much of that they did because I was surprised by LED lights underneath my kitchen countertops!  They are the coolest! They are small and put out a ton of light, without using a lot of energy. It was such a great gift!

LED under cabinet lighting

Decorative clay pots for large plants

Another great surprise were these beautiful pots from Earl May. I have a beautiful Bird of Paradise and a Ponytail Palm Tree in my living room. Each are around 38 years old and have been re-potted a few times because they have grown so much over the years. The Bird is from Hawaii when we use to live there and the Palm was a gift at my Dad's new job when we moved to Iowa. A LOT of history with these plants and they look great in my house. The plants are totally busting out of their current pots so now they will have a new happy home to live in. I am going to have to reserve a room for Mom and Christine and Denis at my B&B to assist with the move. I hope I can persuade them with food and cocktails (and maybe a back rub). I will be sharing with you how this all unfolds in the weeks to come. 

Nutrition Nosh Four. Workout Playlist of the Week. 

It can only put a smile on your face when you are doing your deadlifts!

Music Workout Playlist of the Week on iTunes

 Nutrition Nosh Five. What I Love Right Now. 

Best Food Fact Article Say Aloha to Delicious, Nutrition Pineapple

If you haven't noticed by now, I love writing. Back in college when I took creative writing, I had no idea it was something that would bring me joy. It is also great to see your name in print. I am very grateful for the opportunity to write for different entities and had to share one of my latest this year. There is some great information about pineapples and one of my most favorite recipes. Head over to Best Foods Facts for a quick and fun read I am proud of.

Siggis Raspberry Yogurt with fresh Raspberries, KIND Snacks Nutrition Bar and Jolly Time Popcorn

Each week this month, I am going to share a dairy delicious idea or recipe with you to celebrate National Dairy Month. This week, I am really enjoying all the fresh fruit in the Midwest. Raspberries are one of my most favorite fruits and Siggi's Dairy Raspberry Yogurt is always found in my refrigerator. I usually do not have yogurt for breakfast, but enjoy getting creative with it for lunch or even a quick dinner, especially when it is 96 degrees outside!  I like to add in different things for crunch and added nutrition. This week, I partied with fresh raspberries, a chopped up KIND Madagascar Vanilla Almond Bar and 1/3 cup of JollyTime Simply Popped Popcorn. Sounds completely random right?  It was very filling, crunch, sweet and surprisingly delicious. Almost all my favorite things in a perfect package. Remember:  the littlest surprises can bring something life changing, even in a cup of yogurt.