Top 5 Nutrition Noshes and Wisdom Wednesday

Nosh One. Wisdom.

Who else out there has the best thoughts and ideas every time their head hits the pillow?  Is it a curse or a blessing?  I don't know sometimes!  I embrace the flow of all the ideas when I am quiet and restful, but then these crazy vibes set in and I cannot go to sleep. I cannot turn my brain off. Until recently, I would let this destroy my time to recharge.  I was torn because my creativity was alive the minute I fell into bed but the next day, I was paying for it with continuous yawns and a foggy mind. When I find myself in this situation, I spend 10 minutes in creative time and follow-up with 10 minutes of meditating and breathing time. It clears my mind, rests my body and turns my brain off to get the much needed sleep my life was lacking. Nighttime has now become my friend, I can work on building blueprints and resting my brain to enjoy my dreams. 

Nosh Two. Weekly Conversation.

6 months ago I did this crazy thing. I started a podcast to tell the impeccable stories about my favorite people: Registered Dietitians! I have met some inspiring people along the way including other health, wellness and food experts. 

If you haven't taken a listen, I would love for you to stop by: Conversations with Anne Elizabeth

For those of you who have listened, what is your favorite episode?!? Please share with me!

I am working on a VERY special one to share with you next week! 

Nosh Three. Week in Review.

I know this is a little late, but I received the loveliest May Day basket at work from my friend Sophia! I loved her artistic decor she put on my red cup with stickers!

And to top off the tasty treat of my favorite two things:  popcorn and Skittles, I received the best sticker surprise on the inside of my cup. Thank you Sophia for this thoughtful and very "Anne" decorated May Day Joy! 

This past week was the infamous Kentucky Derby and my tribe usually has a pretty elaborate and wildly fun party to celebrate. For a variety of reasons, we decided to have a low-key Derby Day. Kevin and Ryan hosted as they usually do, no hats or betting, but just great company and conversation. We couldn't have Derby Day without a signature cocktail, so out came our book and we settled on the Whiskey Smash. This drink was the winner!  Much better than the Mint Julep, but don't tell Churchill Downs. We all decided this will make a repeat appearance next year. The best part was the fresh mint from Kevin and Ryan's garden and I had a blast playing bartender this year. 

Charcuterie and pimento cheese dip made a lovely appearance. 

It felt like we were at the Derby with the neighbors horses in the back yard and a peak at Kevin's stellar topiary skills. 

Nosh Four. Workout Playlist of the Week.

Nosh Five. What I Love Right Now.

If you have been watching my IG, I would not be getting through Spring without sneezing 1000 times a day without MOCU Kombucha. I have tried a variety of Kombucha drinks because I am a huge fan of probiotics and the numerous benefits it has for the body especially improved immune system, improved digestion, prevents constipation/diarrhea and improved nutrient absorption. Most importantly, it is my sneeze saver!  I have gotten a little older (shocker) and allergies have started to tickle my nose a little bit. I am not a fan of taking allergy pills because I get the worst medication hangover. It is awful. I have never felt better and my allergies minimally affect me when I drink this daily. I can grab a handy packet of my favorite flavors (Acai Blueberry Pomegranate Pow is AHHHH-mazing) and have one with me at all time and just mix with water when you are ready. You can even get a little fancy and mix with your favorite seltzer water. I love this stuff so much, I am sharing the love and giving it to my Mom for her special day. Surprise Mom!  I have partnered up with MOCU and if you want to give it a whirl, go to MOCU and upon check out, enter in the code Anne20 for 20% off your order. I promise this will change your life!