5 Nutrition Noshes and Wisdom Wednesday

Nosh One. Wisdom

We made it everyone!  Spring is was officially here on Monday, woo hoo!  Which is why it was no surprise that today it snowed!  Oh Iowa.... It is ironic to me how the first day of Spring correlates with a complete shift in my mindset. The sun is out longer, my mood is more on the positive side and I get a little adventurous vibe. I want to be more active, go explore, cook more, open windows and just start letting the party in. It is also the time of year I start "cleaning" and this year is a BIG cleaning adventure encompassing everything:  my home, my closet, my food, my emails, my music, my purse, my car, my everything. I cannot wait to share with you next week week what my cleaning looks like. But for this week, I am going to share with you the party. 

Nosh Two. Weekly Conversation

Sometimes I am surprised by gestures of giving. Not that I don't think I am worthy, just feeling all warm and fuzzy when someone does something so kind and thoughtful without a reason. This crazy, fun, something exhausting and empowering journey would be nothing without the undeniable kindness and support of the amazing people in my life. This microphone is a gift that makes the future bright, beautiful and damn exciting. I would love for you to listen to the conversations this microphone gets to hear by going to iTunes and picking one of the podcasts. 

You're just a click away:  Conversations with Anne Elizabeth

Nosh Three. Week in Review 

Pure sweetness and joy on my counter top. 

I was present with members of the Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and President Christy Frese when Governor Terry Branstad declared March National Nutrition Month!

I decided after an 8 year sabbatical, I would celebrate St. Patrick's Day with my friends this year.  It was fun starting off the day with cocktail club and a traditional Irish Coffee. Jason and Kevin whipped the cream by hand in a tag-team effort. It was delicious!  I have never had a traditional one and I highly recommend experiencing this cocktail at least once in your life. 

We headed to the infamous Irish bar, Sully's where I enjoyed a non-green beer.  The only thing missing in my Coors Light is my straw. 

My friend Justin quickly pointed out that is what the picture was missing, so I decided the picture was missing him and I!

After Sully's we headed out into the kick-ass weather of around 65 degrees and made our way to downtown Des Moines, where we accidentally missed the parade but watched some basketball at the Hoops and Hops on Cowles Commons and Iowa Craft Beer Tent

I lost my straw but I had these gems with me. Lucky me!  Cheers to the next time St. Patty's falls on a Friday! Then I might be ready to partake in the festivities again. 

Nosh Four. Workout Playlist of the Week

The start of Spring deserves a worthy workout playlist:  Signs of Spring Workout Playlist of the Week by Anne Elizabeth on Apple Music

Nosh Five. What I Love Right Now

Avocados! Well I love them all the time but avocados are very hip and cool right now. If you haven't tried them in a while, you need to do it. Right now!  There are many different ways to eat avocados and I love them any and every way. My favorite is guacamole but I can eat A TON of it and avo's are still high in fat, so it's best not to over do it. Once of my favorite guac preparing tips is to make it with Siggi's Dairy plain yogurt.  Not only do you decrease the amount of fat you eat but you increase the protein and calcium. 

For a simple guac:  1 container of plain Siggi's yogurt, 1 large ripe avocado and 1/2 cup of any salsa (fresh or jarred) of your choice.

Mash avocado and mix in the yogurt. Blend in the salsa and enjoy with your guacamole vehicle of choice.  My current vehicle is unsalted sweet potato chips by Terra. This does make 2 servings, so find someone sweet and share. 

I am LOVING this picture. And you know what day it is!!!! My mom is in Palm Springs on vacation and riding a camel (with my Uncle John on the back), so I had to include it for things I love right now. You are awesome Ruth!

May your week be like the smile my mom has on her face!