My Live Music Review of 2016 Wisdom Wednesday

Music tells a story. I embrace music of the past because it takes me to a place of memories of dance parties with my family, playing records with my sister, a slow dance with a cute boy, a fun summer night with my friends, studying in my dorm room, the smell of a spring thunderstorm, and the beginnings of new adventures. I embrace music of the present because it starts and ends my day, from my workout in the morning to the car ride home, it pumps me up and it calms me down. This is why I share my playlists with you, to keep telling you a story in hopes it inspires you to create a personal soundtrack of your own. 

Weekly Conversation

Chere Bork is an energy igniter, speaker, media spokesperson, a registered dietitian and is truly living her passion and purpose by helping others living a life where she believes that knowing your purpose, energizes your life, which creates your happiness which you need in order to live healthy and then you can truly feel balance and authentically love your life.  I meet Chere a few years ago and listened to her speak at a conference about this exact topic which I feel has had a sincere impact in my current life. I was excited when she was our keynote speaker at our Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics conference and shared her insight on living a life you love. I knew I had to have a conversation with Chere and be able to share her amazing insights with everyone. I think we could have talked for hours or maybe even days!  I hope to have her on again, but for now, absorb all you can and get a taste of Chere’s life from this next hour.

Live Music Review of 2016

Every year, I set a goal to see as much live music as I can. This year was no different. I saw quite a few concerts but here are my most memorable winners of my top 3 concerts of 2016. 

#3:  Justin Bieber First and foremost, the best thing about this concert was seeing it with one of my most favorite heartbeats, Jason. After attending a party in November and a few cocktails later, I caught myself hitting the "Buy Now" button on my phone for 2 tickets as a fun surprise for Jason, who shares in my love for his fun songs. Jason and I would spend warm summer days cruising the streets of Des Moines with the windows rolled down to the sweet stylings of the Biebs. We had a great night meeting up with Stacey and her friends, drinks and dinner at Gilroy's and sitting in the complete back row of Wells Fargo with other screaming 12-24 year old fans (we are that young right?). We both heard the songs we were longing for: "What Do You Mean" and "Baby." We did not care one bit that Justin lip-synced and laid down for awhile to take a siesta, big fun was had by all!

#2 Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness What can I saw about one of my most favorite artists of all time?  I think I have seen Andrew McMahon around 7 times now in my lifetime?  I did see him in Des Moines in 2015 as well and he decided to pass through town again this year and I couldn't resist. This year was not disappointing and was sold out at one of my favorite venues in Des Moines, Wooly's.

I cannot get enough of his music because of his talent playing the piano.  He played a little from his Jack's Mannequin days with Holiday From Real and Punk Rock Princess from his time with Something Corporate. The best parts of the concert was hearing Synesthesia and his new song Fire Escape, that I shared the video to in a previous post because some of the footage was from the concert in Des Moines AND I got to share this #7 experience with a couple more of my heartbeats, Carlena and Stacey. 

#1 Sturgill Simpson This was my absolute favorite concert to close down my live music adventures of 2016. I grew up listening to country music, the real country music like Merle Haggard, Hank Williams and Willie Nelson. When a friend suggested I give Sturgill a listen, it didn't take my ears long to be interested. I looked up his concert schedule and realized he was going to be in Des Moines, about 4 months too late. Long story short, a co-worked helped me find a ticket and it was all worth it. It was at a venue that looks down upon standing by stage, but 3/4's into the concert, the crowd said screw it and made their way to the front. The music was like being at home on a Saturday afternoon cleaning the house or like a family road trip in the minivan to Colorado Springs and popping "Bob's Favorites" into the tape player. "Oh Sarah" and "Long White Line" were my favorite songs of the evening and the cover of When In Rome's "I Promise" was pretty bad ass. Perfect concert to end the year with. 

Workout Playlist of the Week
Of course the playlist this week has to be all the artist from my concerts of 2016, enjoy the variety of my music adventures! 

What I Love Right Now

I have been enjoying a little relaxation in the shower with these essential oil shower tabs by Aura Cacia. Most items like this are made for the bath and I am not really a bath person. I have this beautiful (and extremely large) tiled shower and would prefer to spend as much time in there as possible. These tabs come in variety of flavors, lavender being my favorite and are locally made right here in Iowa. Just place one in the bottom of your shower and when the water hits it, the essential oils are released. Very, very relaxing. 

This is the other thing I love this week. One of the best gifts to date, was receiving this keyboard so I can brush up on my piano skills. And I am rusty!!!! Wow. I am excited to re-learn all the teachings of the piano lessons of my childhood with Jodie. I think back to the music I could play when I was in my prime and I am hopefully I can get there again with this meditative way to incorporate more music into my life. 

With chords of C, G, and F in mind, I hope your week is filled with the sweet sounds of your favorite music.