Wisdom Wednesday

As 2016 is coming to a close, how have you filled your pages?  

Are your pages full of ideas, memories, hard work, things you never want to do again, things you cannot wait to do again?  Is it a story you are proud of?  Is it a story that has inspired growth?  There are a few pages left, to complete your story, in the place you want it to end and begin at the same time. I have a few pages left because I will celebrate my New Year on my day of birth.  Upon review, I am pretty damn proud of Volume 2016. I always look forward to the next clean white page I get to fill with purpose. It is never perfect, but it is all mine.  I am so lucky to have had all these moments so far and I hope I am just as lucky to start working on Volume 2017. 

Cheers to the pages that have been and to the pages that are to come.