A Wisdom Wednesday For My Sweet Big Sister, Kate

Tomorrow it will be a year since my sweet sister left this earth and we are reminded how short life really is and how lucky we all are to have had Kate touch each of our lives. With this being a very special time of the year and one of her favorite times of the year, how could it be any more radiant than celebrating the life of our dear Kate? When this Angel came into this earthly world and left this earthly world, she embodied sweetness, purity, grace and determination. 

Kate and I golfing in the Special Olympics Tournament September 2015
We all cannot help but think of her beautiful blond curly hair, dashing blue eyes and the sweetest smile you've ever seen. She was so proud to be the daughter of Dad and Mom, the most amazing Big Sister a girl could have to me and she nestled perfectly into the lives and hearts of the extended Huebert and Wegner families. 

Our family celebrating Kate's 40th Birthday
Her love for all things sports was contagious and she could get anyone to watch a game with her. She was and always will be a tried and true Iowa Hawkeye fan, Denver Bronco fan and a fan of anything her cousins were playing. But what she thoroughly enjoyed the most was playing golf with her favorite fan, her Dad, every Friday that she could. 

Kate Celebrating her birthday at Casey's

Kate and Ally cheering on the Hawkeyes
Kate was an inspiration when it came to her devotion to her work and her home.  She worked hard everyday, always trying harder than the day before, never missing work and always carrying a smile on her face.  She loved and was proud of her home. When she was home she could be found jamming out to her favorite music, hitting golf balls in the backyard, playing with her kitties or having a beer with Dad and Mom on the patio. It is those times when Kate would show her funny and silly side. She would sit back and take in the conversation, just because she loved to be a part of it and loved the people she was with.  She had the most amazing quick whit and impeccable timing. Kate would make you laugh with her genuine contribution to the conversation at just the right time. 

Kate and I with our first kitty, Guy
One thing that I want to share with you today that maybe you do not know about Kate, is that she could see and knew her guardian angel. Because Kate was so special, so loved and such a gift to each of us, God gave her this gift in return. Her angel has guided her, protected her and has been with her through so many trials and triumphs in her short but profound life. On December 22nd, Kate saw the open arms of her angel and the open arms of her Dad and knew it was time for her to go home. 

Kate and I at Thanksgiving 2013
All of you have unique and special memories of Kate, because each of your lives she has touched was uniquely yours. Please hold those memories close to your heart and keep her alive in all that you do. Our angel is watching over each of you, wrapping her wings gently around you and whispering to you that you are loved and blessed by her everyday. 

Kate celebrating her 40th Birthday!

 Miss you every day Big Sister. 

Always hug your loved ones super tight.