Week in Review

Yesterday, one of the most finest, loveliest and most beautiful people I know celebrated her birthday. So we had to make it a special day!  Starting off with a dietitian special of veggies and hummus. I had intended on making pumpkin hummus to be festive, but I completely forgot my pumpkin.

My friend Kevin (who has impeccable taste for food and dining) recently had me over and had a tantalizing meat and cheese plate.  So I had to re-create his masterpiece. He introduced me to Graziano Brothers Italian Grocery Store here in Des Moines for delicious prosciutto and spicy soppressata. He also generously shared his homemade spicy peach jam that paired perfectly with the Maytag blue cheese. A few dried apricots and fresh grapes made the plate.

Last year, I purchased a paper flower kit with the intention of making her a big beautiful bouquet of these adorable paper flowers. As I got into the 2nd or 3rd flower, I realized the process was not as easy as it seemed.  Yes, there were instructions that were not difficult, but my poor fingers!  Also, I am not really an artsy crafty kind of gal, but I think she liked them.

It wouldn't be birthday without a cake, candles and wishes. My classy friend Kevin also introduced me to an amazing bakery in West Des Moines called Let Them Eat Cake. All of their flavors are great, my favorite being the pink champagne cake. I can't even describe the deliciousness. When I was there,  I also picked up one of their mini cakes in key lime pie flavor, because I cannot resist key lime pie anything

It wouldn't be a celebration without many laughs....

or selfies...

and a tired puppy.

Happy Birthday Christine! Wishing you many, many more!