Dietitians, FNCE, Nashville and Passion

This past week, I took a little trip to the FNCE (Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, aka Dietitian Heaven) in a little town called Nashville, Tennessee. I have never been to the city and  I got in really late on Friday night, but right outside of my hotel was this adorable park. The weather was really chilly but I had to get out to see the sites before it was time for business.

I am a little bit of a nerd. I have to keep up my routine while away from home, so every morning started out with a workout and some warm tea. I was pretty jazzed because I was the first and only one in the gym this morning, which is VERY rare at a dietitian conference.

Each year of the this conference, I get the joy of working with Kids Eat Right and informing other Dietitians about this great resource. Another joy of working this booth is meeting young, inspired and passionate Dietitians to be!  If you have not checked out the great resources for families and educators, please go to Kids Eat Right. And if you're a dietitian, take advantage of the many professional resources by becoming a volunteer today Kids Eat Right for Dietitians .

Meet the sweet Kristen who is an RD and Ph.D. student at Texas A&M and Genevieve is getting ready to apply for her internship AND getting married!

Antonio and Jen were awesome to hang out with. Antonio is passionate about all things nutrition and dietetics. I think he would specialize in everything he could. Jen is in her internship now and enjoys working with Pediatrics.

And my last day was with these beauties, Katie and Samantha. Katie is very passionate about diabetes and Samantha has worked in a culinary setting and enjoys retail nutrition.

Of course with hard work, there is a little bit of fun. I attended the Food and Nutrition Magazine, of which I am a guest blogger for their online blogging community, Stone Soup. It is a great area to find awesome articles from Dietitians. Feel free to check out my profile Stone Soup Blog.   They had a wonderful rooftop party with fabulous food and an opportunity to spend time with new and old friends.

Hello, yes my name is for sure Awesome!
I always love hanging out with my friend Jen Haugen.  She is seriously one of the most creative, talented and passionate dietitians I know. I always love catching up with her and all the exciting things her mind has wandering around. For some great inspiration about food and family, please check out her blog at Down to Earth Dietitian.


I was also surprised by winning the Top Blog Award for 2015. So fun!  I think I may have been sipping on a cocktail or eating food when my name was called. Not expected, but very much welcomed. Catch up on the 5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Frozen Foods.


Nashville is a great mix of everything. There was a ton of nightlife, great live music and food. Whenever I head to a city, I like to find out what is the signature dish.

I wandered by Savannah's Candy Kitchen just a few blocks from my hotel and found sweet treats everywhere. No, key lime bark is not signature, but if you no me, I never pass this up. And it was delicious.

But these caramel apples were on the list for homemade deliciousness using their signature pralines in the caramel mixture. Sugar coma that was well worth it.

Of course, I had to indulge in some Tennessee whiskey. I asked the handsome waiter to pick it out for me, so I have no idea brand it was. I just wanted it on the rocks.  

As I listened to some live music and dined with my friend Kathryn, we enjoyed some fried green tomatoes (this is a must have in Nashville).

I also attempted to dine on the signature Hot Chicken, but wow. This was hot!  I later found out that some restaurants offer a level of hotness. I did not have a level choice, but I was thankful for the whiskey to calm the burn.

 Had. To. Do. It.
(and I decided it I don't think I will do it again).

On the last day, I found myself in the same park that I started exploring Nashville in. At the time that I took this photo, I was peaceful and feeling inspired. By the conference, by the other AMAZING Dietitians I had met and by this beautiful city. So much to see, so much to learn and so much to do!
Goodbye FNCE and Nashville. Thank you for a great experience and renewing my passion!