Week in Review

I know I had said this a thousands times but time moves so fast right before my eyes. This past week I had the opportunity to celebrate my dear friend Brandy's 10 years of being a breast cancer thriver!

Miss Brandy was diagnosed 10 years ago and had a total mastectomy at such a young age of almost 30 years old. It was such a great night for her to be honored and recognized.  I am so proud to call her a friend and am always amazed by her positive perspective on life and living it! 

Ms February, her hubbie Garret and the famous calendar girl giving autographs. 

After such a fun night with all my Omaha girls, I headed home to celebrate another amazing woman in my life. It was my mom's birthday this weekend. It was happy and bittersweet all at the same time. We always celebrated my parents birthdays together because they were only 3 days apart. We were missing Dad like crazy but we know he was with us! 

I hope all her wishes come true for this year ahead. It will be a very different year but I know Dad will do everything in his power to make sure all her wishes come true. 

My heart is completely full because of these dear friends and family who helped make the night so very special.

There is nothing better than having love, friendship, laughs, great food and a delicious cake to create these kind of smiles. 

So very grateful.