Happy Birthday Dad

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday!  How are you today? How are you celebrating? Many thoughts of you are racing through my mind today. I would do anything to call home and hear your voice and ask you how your day was and what delicious dessert Mom made you for your special day. 

I would do anything to plan on coming home to you and share a cocktail in the backyard in honor of your 80 years on this earth. I would do anything to see your bright smile and eyes when I walked in the door, greeted with the biggest hug and kiss from you. 

Dad, you are the one man in my life who has always been there to share with me what it truly is to be a great person. I hope I have and will always make you proud. I channel you in many things I do in my life as ask myself how you would handle certain situations. Because you are strong, passionate, dedicated and fearless in your approach to everything you do. And I know you did not feel that way all the time, but you never let many people know any different. 

I expect to see you everywhere in my childhood home, but you are everywhere in my home as well. I see your hardworking hands and talents in many special things. My handmade mantel above the fire place, my crafted coat hangers inside my door, my toolbox and my clock in the dining room. I feel your presence everywhere and please never take that away from me. Please and always stay there so I never go a day without thinking of you. 

I am so glad I was there for your last days on this earth. I am glad I got to hold your hand and feel your warm skin. I am glad I got to give you kisses and tell you I love you as many times as I could. I am glad I got to be there as you took your last breath with the other 2 women who love you as much as I do. 

I am so lucky I was chosen to be your daughter. I am so lucky that you and mom loved each other so much to bring my sister and I into this world to experience a life with you. 

39 years was just not enough time with you. I wish I had more years to share my life with you. I wish the world had more time with you. Just so many wishes, but I know not all wishes come true. 

Today on your birthday and really everyday, I will celebrate you.  I will celebrate the greatest man I have ever known. And I will love you forever and miss you like crazy. 

Always your baby girl,

Anne Elizabeth