Week in Review: Blogging with Coffee, Cream and Midwest Dairy

I had an great experience last weekend representing Midwest Dairy at a conference called Go Blog Social (http://goblogsocial.com) in Kansas City. The conference brought together bloggers from all different walks of life and from many places across the United States. 

Midwest Dairy is an organization near and dear to my heart because of my love for dairy foods and because they are about education and communication of accurate nutrition messages. I was fortunate to help serve our delicious coffee bar and hang out with two link-minded ladies, Sami and Jen. 

We had great conversations about dairy health and interacting with bloggers about truth and myths of milk. 

Midwest Dairy offers individuals to go visit a dairy farm and learn the ins and outs of this locally produced food. Did you know it takes less than 48 hours from when the cows are milked to when it hits your grocery store shelves? That's because milk is locally produced by more than 8000 family farms in the Midwest. You probably have a local dairy less than 30 miles from where you live. Jen is one of those local farmers. She is great and I learn so much from her and life as a real dairy farmer with her husband. (Did I mention she is also a structural engineer?) You need to follow her informative blog HeimDairy https://heimdairy.wordpress.com and her beautiful photos about life on the farm on Instagram @jmheim33

Skim milk continues to be my all time favorite beverage. And if you know me, I only drink 4 things:  water, tea, skim milk and an occasional coffee. Skim milk provides 9 essential nutrients (meaning we have to get it from the food we eat) and my favorites are protein, calcium and Vitamin D. So much bag for your buck at $0.25 per 8-ounce serving! And it's real!  No crazy ingredient list, which this dietitian is so happy about! 

Cream was the big hit at the conference!

And we shocked many individuals that lactose-free milk existed. 

If you love to blog and love to talk food like I do, take advantage of the resources Midwest Dairy has to offer to expand your blogosphere. 

June is Dairy Month and a great opportunity to whip up some of the delicious recipes they have. Visit http://www.midwestdairy.com for recipes and all the dairy information you need. You can also contact them to set up a dairy farm tour of your own. This is a priceless experience!  Trust me!  

In June, I am going to do a weekly recipe courtesy of Midwest Dairy and share with you the many reasons I love dairy foods. 

It was great to meet everyone, share ideas, learn about being a successful blogger, talking about diary and sipping on coffee.

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend!