Week in Review

Did you celebrate your Registered Dietitian (RD) this past week?  March 11th was National Registered Dietitian Day during National Nutrtion Month. If you don't have your own personal RD, you really need one!  For any nutrition question you have, they are the go-to for the most sound nutrition advice. Nutritionist are not the same thing. Anyone can be a Nutritionist.

This is a great resource to explain why a dietitian is the nutrition expert:  http://www.eatrightpro.org/resources/about-us/what-is-an-rdn-and-dtr/what-is-a-registered-dietitian-nutritionist

I celebrated this day with a good book and a relaxing pedicure. 

The week quickly flew by with another fantastic week with the kids at Wright Elementary and Pick a Better a Better Snack. Milk, yogurt and fruit = smoothie love!  I shared with them my book of thanks for being brave and trying new healthy foods over the past year. 

Stacey and I worked on a "Healthier Happy Hour" Nacho recipe we are featuring this weekend at our Whole Health Experience at Hy-Vee Hall on Saturday, March 21st. 

And the week ended celebrating a member of my tribe's birthday. Happy Happy Birthday Kevin!  Can't wait to celebrate many more with you!