Week in Review: Birthdays, Beer and Nachos

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Kevin!  May the next 40 years be as memorable and amazing as you are!  

We celebrated with cake and our first "Cocktail Club."  Kevin has this amazing vintage cocktail book. Each month, we are going to gather our friends and experience a different cocktail from the book. The adventure began with the Agave Gingerita and somehow they entrusted me as the bartender this time around. I only made a slight mess!  I think I will bestow that job to someone else next time and develop my skills as the connoisseur.  I am looking forward to sharing this fun experience with you as well! 

The drink was very sweet with a fantastic ginger flavor accented by the fresh lime. Kevin's face says it all, followed by "it's not to bad." Everyone who experiences the monthly cocktail feature will sign in our vintage cocktail diary. Looking forward to Between the Sheets next month.

On Saturday, the Des Moines area Hy-Vee Dietitians had their annual Whole Health Experience. Chef Stacey and I presented our Healthier Happy Hour with Buffalo Chicken Nachos and one of our favorite local beers. 

When you use amazing ingredients with a lot of flavor, you don't need to over indulge during happy hour. Stacey used her favorite sharp cheddar cheese and fat-free half and half to make the yummy cheese sauce on the nachos. Then using chicken breast tossed with wing sauce, crunchy broccoli slaw on top of whole grain chips = a very "happy" happy hour. 

Spring is here and all of this makes me so excited for spending time with friends, having delicious and beautiful food and a yummy cocktail along the way.